A bag; especially a large bag of strong, coarse material for storage and handling of various commodities, such as potatoes, coal, coffee; or, a bag with handles used at a supermarket, a grocery sack; or, a small bag for small items, a satchel

Sacking fabric is a harsh texture that is typically unbleached. It is like Burlap fabric and is a heavyweight texture. Firing texture is generally produced using regular filaments like jute, hemp flax, and cotton or comparative and can be mixed with creature hair. Generally, Sacking texture was delivered to make sacks from, but it was utilized for pieces of clothing. These articles of clothing were unpleasant and scratchy and were regularly utilized for grieving, yet this texture is seldom utilized in pieces of clothing produced today. The term ‘Terminating’ comes from the fabrics  essential utilization of making sacks.