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Any compartment that isn’t strong and utilized for putting away or keeping things is known as a sack. There are spots where such an article is likewise alluded to as a sack. Humankind has been utilizing sacks since the days of yore to convey things like family things. There are individuals who consider gunny sacks […]

A jute Sacking Bag is woven completely from lower grades of jute textures and is normally accessible as plain and twill. jute sack is made of 100 percent jute materials, and it is so tolerable and useful, simple and advantageous. Jute Sacking Bags are made of 100 percent jute materials and terminating is the essential […]

A bag; especially a large bag of strong, coarse material for storage and handling of various commodities, such as potatoes, coal, coffee; or, a bag with handles used at a supermarket, a grocery sack; or, a small bag for small items, a satchel Sacking fabric is a harsh texture that is typically unbleached. It is […]